Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Lecture: Getting to the Bottom of Things

May 10, 2018
From 7pm to 8pm 
FSUCML Auditorium
Free & Open To the Public. Refreshments available before talk  
Getting to the Bottom of Things: A New Coastal Bottom Drifter
by Dr. Lena M. Schulze, PhD., Florida State University
In the last decade improvements on sampling the ocean have emphasized the upper ocean, while the ocean bottom is usually considered to be dangerous for autonomous instruments such as gliders and floats. Our new profiling platform called the 'Coastal Bottom Drifter' that
was designed for exactly that: to observe the bottom environment of the ocean, and to record various physical and biochemical parameters. It can be deployed for days or up to several month and will help to close a gab in our
understanding of coastal ocean dynamics that are so crucial to ecosystems, fisheries and the worlds climate.
the Speaker:

Dr.Lena Schulze is a physical oceanographer at the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Institute at FSU. She is interested in currents in the worlds oceans,dynamics in the Antarctic region 
and ocean instrumentation. Much
of her work invol
ves fieldwork and expeditions on research ships. Currently she is working on deep currents in the Chile Basin, the Antarctic Slope Current
in the Bellings
housen Sea, and the development and testing of the Coastal Bottom Drifter.

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