Wednesday, July 11, 2018

7 companies bid on Gulf Shore Boulevard relocation project

 Franklin County Commissioners last week opened bids from several contractors to relocate a portion of Gulf Shore Boulevard at Alligator Point.
About 800 feet of Gulf Shore Boulevard was washed out by Tropical Storm Debby in 2012 and the county replaced it with a temporary unpaved road.
That was washed out in 2016 by Hurricane Hermine and replaced by another unpaved temporary access road.
The County now plans to relocate the road further from the Gulf to hopefully protect it from future storms.
The project will be funded mostly by FEMA, though the county will carry some of the costs.
7 companies, most from Tallahassee, bid on the project.
The bids ranged from 150 thousand dollars to 250 thousand dollars.

The county's engineers will review the bids and give their recommendation at a future meeting.

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