Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Buy a decal - help a manatee or sea turtle

People who would like to help protect Florida’s sea turtles and manatees can do so very easily by buying a 5 dollar sea turtle or manatee decal.
Every July, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission offers new decals to benefit the manatee and sea turtle programs.
The funds raised support manatee and sea turtle rescue and recovery efforts, research, management needs and help produce educational materials.
The full-color, waterproof decals are designed to stick on boats or other vehicles.
This year’s edition of the decals also provides useful information on the back side of the decal about how to protect sea turtles and how and where to report injured or distressed manatees
The decals are available at local tax collector's offices or you can order them online by going to or and clicking on “Decals.”

This is the 26th year FWC decals have been created for the Save the Manatee Trust Fund and Marine Resources Conservation Trust Fund

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