Monday, September 14, 2020

Florida State University has appointed new director for the Coastal and Marine Laboratory

Florida State University has appointed new director for the Coastal and Marine Laboratory.

The University announced last week that it has appointed Joel Trexler as the next director of the research laboratory and base camp for field studies located on Alligator Harbor on the eastern end of Franklin County.

Trexler will succeed Felicia Coleman, who served as the facility’s director for 14 years.

Trexler’s responsibilities as director will include oversight of research at the laboratory, faculty development and the growth of the facility.

He comes to FSU from Florida International University, where he was a professor in the Department of Biological Sciences and director of the Marine Science Program.

Trexler has spent almost three decades researching the wetland ecosystem of the Everglades in South Florida, work that has informed the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan, the largest hydrologic restoration project ever undertaken in the United States.

He will now be in charge of another ecosystem restoration project, the Apalachicola Bay System Initiative.

That project is researching the causes of the decline of the bay’s ecosystem and its oyster reef and developing a plan to restore the health of the bay and manage it for the future.

A major part of his work as the laboratory’s director will be to identify and secure new resources to help the facility expand and continue their research efforts.

He will start work remotely on September 18 because of the COVID-19 pandemic and will begin working at the laboratory in November.

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