Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Gulf World to release Kemp's Ridley sea turtle from St. George Island on Wednesday

Gulf World Marine Institute will release a sea turtle from St. George Island on Wednesday.

Gulf World is releasing the Kemp’s ridley sea turtle into the Gulf of Mexico on Wednesday, March the 22nd at 10:45 am at the St. George Island State Park.

The cold stunned sea turtle is from a group of about 50 which were rescued from a cold stun event in New England.

The turtle has been in rehabilitation at Gulf World since December 9th.

Most of the turtles have already been released, but this one needed some additional treatment and care.

The animal is now eating and diving normally and has been medically cleared for release.

The sea turtle release is open to the public so feel free to come out and watch and take pictures or video.

Again, the release will happen on Wednesday morning at 10:45 at the St. George Island State Park so try to get out there early for the best view.