Friday, April 7, 2017

Franklin County seeks public help in stopping unlicensed contractors

 Franklin County is asking for the public's help in cracking down on unlicensed contractors working in the county.

County administrator Michael Moron said that the county has recently received a number of complaints of unlicensed contractor activity, but there are likely many more that are going unreported.

It falls to the County's building official to do random rounds throughout the county looking for illegal activity, but the building official is kept pretty busy with his other duties.

Besides looking for unlicensed contractors, the County’s Building Official issues all permits, reviews all plans, does all inspections, and investigates all complaints regarding building and construction.

So any help the public can give by reporting what may be considered illegal building and construction activity is greatly appreciated.

Reporting this activity is as simple as contacting the County’s Planning, Building, and Zoning office.

You can do that by calling 653-9783.

You can also go to the county's website at and use the “Report A Concern” link on the site.