Thursday, July 26, 2018

Dozens of local children attended summer camp this year

The Franklin County Extension Office says there is a problem with Summer Camp – its too popular.

42 local children attend the week long Camp Timpoochee Summer Camp this year, which is a record attendance for our county.

In fact we had more kids attend than any of our neighboring counties including Gulf and Bay counties.

Extension Director Erik Lovestrand said the high attendance was in large part because of generous donations from the local business community.

The big issue now is transportation to get all of the kids to camp.

Franklin County has been sharing transportation with our neighboring counties but because of the growing interest in the camp, that is no longer a good option.

Lovestrand said he now plans to approach the school district to discuss using a school bus to take all of the campers to Niceville where the camp is located.

He said Franklin County needs its own bus to carry all of the kids and their gear

He hopes to have something worked out before camp season begins next summer.

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